and hard flushing

High speed, chemical cleaning for your heating system

It is recommended by boiler manufacturers that every heating system is thoroughly flushed every 10 years – or at least along with every boiler replacement. This is particularly important in ‘open-vented’ systems.  Corrosion in the system can lead to early boiler and component break down and manufacturer’s guarantees are not valid on faults that develop due to system corrosion –  so avoiding them is key and regualr Powerflushing is the simple solution.

Powerflushing Banbury
Example of corrosion removed during powerflush

Thermal image of a radiator with sludge build up

Thermal image of the same radiator after a hard flush

Avoid lukewarm radiators and higher gas bills

A build up of corrosion can lead to sluggish radiator heat up times and costly gas bills due to system inefficiency.  ‘Air’ (actually hydrogen) which is a by-product of active corrosion, can be prevalent at the top of radiators (particularly after boiler replacements when corrosion is disturbed). Booking a Powerflush can ensure this does not become an issue.

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