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If it’s been a while since you had your boiler serviced, or your radiators aren’t as warm as you’d like, we’d thoroughly recommend you get in touch. We can service most makes and model of boiler (we’ve carried out over 10,000 boiler services in our time) and can powerflush your system – no problem. We have invested in a thermal imaging camera which can help with leak detection and identify central heating system issues. We’re able to service and maintain all sorts of other appliances too.

Gas boiler servicing Banbury Oxfordshire

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Boilers (inc LPG)

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Gas fires


It is recommended by boiler manufacturers that every heating system is thoroughly flushed every 10 years – or at least with every boiler replacement. It is especially important in ‘open-vented’ systems. All boiler manufacturers recommended this. Corrosion in the system can lead to early boiler and component break down (pumps and valves etc). 

Modern boiler heat exchangers are much thinner than older boilers so require protection against existing system corrosion. Manufacturers guarantees are not valid on faults that develop due to system corrosion.

Powerflushing Banbury
Example of corrosion removed during powerflush

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Almost all of our new work originates from positive recommendations from our established customer base. Once you’re a customer – we’ll look after you.

SMH Gas Specialist

We keep up to date with all the latest training requirements and work with most brands.
We carry out work in Banbury, North and West Oxfordshire, South Warwickshire, South Northamptonshire as well as in Hampshire.

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